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Do you really want to understand your customer’s behaviours online?

The evolution of the website in general has been to say the least a non-stop ride! think back over 15/20 years ago to just have a website was impressive. But now if you mention your website in conversation the usual questions like “How many visitors do you get?” along with “How much do you make from your online sales vs offline sales?” – All of these questions are answered accurately by utilising Web Analytics, mainly served by a tool called Google Analytics.

Understanding Your Business Goals

The whole process of Web Analytics forms part of a industry standard cycle, 1. Understanding your business goals, 2. Implementation of Google Analytics, 3, After an initial period of 3 months we review the data, obtain the key insights which we turn into actions, which then leads us to fixing the issues via Optimisations.


With any implementation of Google Analytics, there are different levels, the level of implementation is mainly down to your business goals. The more goals = more tracking. But rest assure I am a qualified Google Analytics User with over 7 years experience in the Analytics field.

Reporting / Insight & Actions

The skills is interpreting the numbers into actionable insights. I have been fortunate enough to work for big organisations over the last 7 years, ranging from UK based businesses to those throughout Europe. Within each role I have been able to demonstrate tangible business benefits by using Web Analytics data alone.


Ok, so we have all the data we need, what does this mean? so you have a high bounce rate on a particular landing page (don’t worry about the metric) basically if you have a landing page and the bounce rate was something in the range of 80% this means of all the entrances to this pages 80% are bouncing away, probably because it’s been marketing incorrect or the page doesn’t load content etc etc. By turning the insight into actions we can make the required changes to your pages and increase conversion overtime.

What is my best performing online marketing channel for conversion Rate?

Simple, by utilising a ready set report namely the “All Channels” report we can jump straight in and start to view which channel (e.g. Organic Search / Paid / Email, etc etc) is providing the best conversions (which will be your business goals).

Do you know how long people spend on your website? Does this differ from page to page?

Probably one of the more simple questions which gets asked from time to time. I can obtain this figure overall or break it down by page or we can look at this metric “Avg Time On Page” which is already pre-built from Google Analytics and start answering your questions.

I have a customer product funnel on my website, can this be tracked in Google Analytics and tell me where people are dropping off?

For Sure!! this is probably one of the best things you can do in Google Analytics. It’s already tracking users on your page and we have the data. All’s we need to do now is tell Google Analytics which pages we define as our Product Funnel, once applied we can start to measure conversion a lot more accurately.

Introduction to Google Analytics

Web Analytics Management Costs

* Web Analytics Management monthly costs are required to be paid upfront for the month of service.

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