Social Media

Social Media is very important to me but I don’t have the time?

If you find yourself stating the above then I can help you out. Social Media is one of the most aggressive growth platforms out there right now. However you may find yourself wondering what platform is the best for my business? With many years experience in account / profile creation and building up brands I’ll be able to support you in your business objectives.

In-depth Social Media Knowledge

Over the years it’s been very important for me to keep up with social media trends to ensure my clients are gaining the best from their brands. I am always keen on testing new ideas with taking minimal risk in the process.

Web Integration

Integrating Social Media platforms is key! especially if you are running a standalone website. I can integrate your social media platforms / feeds to ensure they appear on your website in real time. This will ultimately save you countless hours on updating your website along the way.

Knowing When and What to Post?

As an Analyst by trade it’s always been a keen passion of mine to understand how to maximise the best from social media strategies – to that end I maintain a focus across various the platforms on when to post and what works best per business industry to ensure engagement is high across the business brand.

Building A Social Media Following

Building a solid follower base within Social Media is a time consuming task and patience must be adopted. This also varies from across different industries. There are tools / software out there which can be tempting to utilise to gain more followers however these can be more damaging in the long run. I focus on organic, engaged and interested follower building which in course will provide more shares, likes for your business.

Introduction to Social Media

Social Media Management Costs

* Social Media Management monthly costs are required to be paid upfront for the month of service.

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Start Connecting With Your Customers!

Social Media is fundamentally important if you want to ensure you attract the right customer’s to your products. Together we’ll find the best for your business requirements and get building that loyal following.

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