SEO Management

Building A Website That Is Future Proofed

Building out a website to be SEO driven is a timely process, unlike the PPC world where you can literally pay for traffic over night. SEO is built on and optimised overtime. Usually when a website is pushed live we have a baseline of your websites SEO ranking around 4-6 months later. However it all helps to keep building on relevant content throughout the websites lifespan. At TheWebAnalyst we have performed SEO audits and implemented changes to clients websites in which have netted high ranking positions for relevant business objective keywords.

SEO Yoast

Having working with multiple tools over the years I can say we are in very safe hands with it comes to SEO Yoast. Following a step-by-step guide we can build up a nice SEO rich environment within your website and monitor this overtime.

Patience Is Key

As mentioned above if you’re looking for quick turnarounds investing in SEO won’t be the best option to take. You may want to look at our PPC Management services. However if you believe you have time on your side then performing an SEO audit and implementation changes will benefit you longer term.

Web Analytics

As ever, everything is monitored over time to ensure the changes we have implemented are recording business benefits. We track all of our changes using Google Analytics (for more information on our Web Analytics offering click here). Upon request we can schedule automated reports which show progress made overtime.

Identifying Keywords / Phrases

As part of the initial audit of your website, if SEO is a viable option for you to take we’ll work together and “put ourselves in the customer’s shoes” is what the customer is typing into a search engine bringing up the relevant page when they land into the website? what do your competitors do? all of these aspects needs to be taken into consideration when implementing SEO changes on your website the more we can get correct the first time around the faster the business benefits will come.

Introduction To SEO

SEO Management Costs

* SEO Management monthly costs are required to be paid upfront for the month of service.

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Hopefully you’ll have a more in-depth understanding on SEO and the benefits of this overtime. It’s safe to say this service is a slow burner however if your the in-patient type then please contact me regarding PPC Management Services.

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